Collection: Felted Soap & Soap Racks

Felted soap is both luxurious and economical. A bar of soap is wrapped with layers of wool. The wool covered soap is then rolled and lathered while saturated with hot and cold water. The friction encorages the soft wool to adhere to itself creating a wool onesie or felted soap.  With use, the wool onesie will shrink along with the soap and a small circle of wool will remain. The circle of remaining wool may be used on your face or as a general cleaning cloth for the sink or tub.

Felted soap is awesome! Your soap will last longer - no breaking pieces getting washed down the drain. Every piece of the bar is used. It is easier to grip. The soft wool is naturally antibacterial and a gentle exfoliant. You will always have a built in washcloth. For best results, place felted soap on a draining soap dish. Soap dish may be purchased separately.

Some believe the use of felted soap goes back to the nomadic people of Asia who lived with wool-produciing animals for thousands of years. They would wrap wool from sheep and yak around their handmade soap.